Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mr. A-Z

Today this blog is fueling my procrastination. I started my second semester of graduate school this week and in a moment of unclear thinking, raised my hand and volunteered to present first this upcoming week. This semester is going to be a doozy and if you didn't already know, I have a serious fear of public speaking. Wednesday is going to be wonderful, and instead of enjoying the sunshine today, I'm doing homework. Contrary to the whining that I just did, I am very thankful that I work at a university and have the opportunity to go back to school.   

Last weekend was so much fun! Brad turned 31 on August 19, we went to see Jason Mraz (something we've been counting down to for months and months) and got to spend three days at the beach with some of our very best friends.

Even though we weren't crawling through bars like Brad's birthday last year, this was still one for the books! I was able to show Brad where the Fantastic Four stays when we head to Perdido for our annual beach trips (thank you Roz and Chris for the hospitality), show him a few places we frequent and even go to a couple places we've never been. 

Who dat?! from the beach!
The one and only.
The Fantastic Four (yes, we're missing our fourth member) has a serious history with this place.
Sometimes he just breaks into pushups. #Blameitonthebootcamp
Sing it, Birthday Boy.
Excellent birthday dinner at Cobalt!
On Tuesday we went to Cotton Blues for a little family birthday celebration and Brad got, yet another, cookie cake. That and a Scotty Cameron putter! 

Until next year! Cheers!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It sure is nice to be able to go home, unwind and be yourself with "family".

Last Saturday (thanks to Marie for putting the trip together and Jacqueline and Reed for hosting), Brad and I spent Saturday at Ship Island with Jacqueline, Reed, Whit, Jonathon, A'lice, Marie and Trey. A trip we made frequently growing up since Jacqueline's family owns the business, the nine of us took the Ship Island Excursion out for a day in the sun.

The night ended at The Dock. The memories will last forever.


The whole gang!

This past weekend we gathered again but this time to celebrate our good friend Rose. Whitney and I met when we were three. Rose, Meredith and I met in kindergarten. Erica came along in the fourth grade and we all met Jacqueline and Marie when we made the transition from St. Alphonsus to Mercy Cross in the seventh grade. You could say we have a history, us seven. When I got married Rose, Meredith and their mom's threw me a monogram shower at Al Fresco in downtown Ocean Springs. It seems like yesterday but Brad and I will be married three years in November. I can't believe Rose will be married in October! Another one is about to bite the dust (which seems like it has a negative connotation but really, I just like the song and like to do a little shoulder shake when I sing it in my head).

Myself, Erica, Meredith, Rose, Jacqueline, Marie and Whit
Then we took a little impromptu photo shoot. I know, right?
My little sister is beautiful
"Oh when the Saints..."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. My favorite place on the planet is a sunny Sunday at my parent's pool. This one ended with the first pre-season Saint's game of the season, with a win, thank you Jesus. Great weather, awesome food, the perfect company - what more could anyone ask for? Oh yeah, a swim up bar.

In the spirit of the Olympics Owen and Johnette put on a little show.
Like mother, like son...
If washer board was an Olympic sport, we'd be in London right now.
Get it, Granny!
While Mom, Marie and I were hosting the shower Saturday, Brad and Trey went on a little fishing date with Dad and Bubba.
Thank you God for this awesome photo opportunity! 

Weekends like the last two, give me one thing. Reassurance that Brad and I are blessed with the best family and friends anyone could ever ask for. That and a pretty fun life!