Friday, December 16, 2011

A Little Guessing Game we Like to Call European, American or Carribean

Standing on the sand watching Ben and Ashley get married I couldn't help but think: How funny would it be to have had a camera crew follow us around this year? From Birmingham to Disney World to Hattiesburg to New Orleans to Antigua - so many weddings, yet each one was unique and equally special. True life: 27 dresses.

I can think back to January and name each weekend and what it entailed - it's so clear in my mind because not only were the free weekends few and far between, but about 80% of them involved Ben and Ashley. Some friends you don't meet until after college and these two are golden. If it wasn't for Brad, I would have never met Ashley and to be honest, can't imagine my adult life without her. She really has become one of my very best friends. Brad and I consider the newlyweds family and wouldn't have missed this wedding for the world.

On Dec. 6 Brad and I spent the night in New Orleans in anticipation of our 6 a.m. flight to Antigua. Months and months of built up anticipation and numerous countdowns couldn't have prepared us for the sights we were about to see and the fun we were about to have. We were welcomed by the Harper/Markland crew bright and early (or should I say dark and early) and boarded the plane to paradise! The party started in Miami and ended for us on the evening of Dec. 13. The grand finale of all weddings, Brad and I wish Ben and Ashley all the happiness in the world and can't thank them enough for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing experience.

Harper/Markland Wedding | Antigua | Dec. 7 - Dec. 13

I don't know what 2012 will bring, but I can guarantee it will be full of weekends involving Mr. & Mrs. Markland!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I want for Christmas is a tambourine!

I can listen to certain songs on repeat and they never get old. A friend shared a song by Bruno Mars with me not too long ago, and every time I listen to it I think of my group of friends from home. There are five of us total and they've been with me from the very beginning, have always been and will always be one of the constants in my life and without a doubt, I know that if I ever need anything, I can count on them.

A year and a half after my best friend got engaged, the five of us found
ourselves in The Big Easy celebrating Marie's big day.

New Orleans has always been a special place for Marie and I. Growing up, her parent's would take us on day trips regularly. Whether it was just walking around in the city or our annual Celebration in the Oaks Christmas trip, New Orleans has always been dear to our hearts. When the weather starts to cool down, on a day when you can walk outside and feel the first chill of fall in the air, when the colors on the trees start to look sharper and you feel more alive - Marie and I always say, "It sure would be a great day to be in New Orleans."

When Marie and I went to Southern Miss she met a young man from Mandeville by the name of Trey Richoux. The rest is history...

The Loews Hotel, Pavilion of the Two Sisters in City Park, St. Patrick's Church, Cafe Du Monde, Commander's Palace, Mother's Restaurant... and these are just a few of the highlights from my best friend's wedding.

Scaffidi/Richoux Wedding Weekend | New Orleans
Dec. 2 - 3, 2011

Standing in this wedding meant so much to me. It was an honor and I couldn't be more happy or more excited for Marie and Trey as they start this new phase of their lives together. Brad and I are lucky to have them be such an integral part of our story. From the rehearsal dinner to the wedding to the reception and the after-party, it was a weekend that couldn't be matched.

After all, it was the first night I learned that I was a master at the tambourine.