Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank you! Bikini Bodies

"Expensive? Ridiculously so. Over the top? Without question. A memory we and our friends will share together for the rest of our lives? Absolutely. If you love food and love dining, put the pennies in the jar and once, just once, do this thing."

This is why I want to blog for a living, in addition to being a photographer, a pottery shop owner, don't forget those invitations, etc. I've got a 20-page paper and presentation in one class and a 10-page paper and presentation in another, all due on Wednesday - not to mention a 68-page magazine all on my plate right now, and what do I do instead? Update this little gem!

The Richoux/Boudreaux Anniversary Extravaganza came and went, entirely too quickly, of course, but Marie and I made a conscious effort to say: Hey, slow down and remember this moment. It was perfect! I find myself saying this often, but I believe it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're in good company, a wonderful time is bound to happen. Being in New Orleans, strolling Magazine, the Chef's Table at Commander's Palace... All just cherries on top of being with Marie and Trey and celebrating one and three years of marriage (okay, REALLY amazing cherries)!

After spending Thanksgiving on the coast (turkey shmurkey, we fry shrimp and oysters and drink bourbon and I wouldn't have it any other way), Brad and I headed to New Orleans for a day of Christmas shopping and to meet the Richouxs at The Terrell House, our B&B for the weekend.

Just two of my favorite people.
Told you.
Backtrack: Marie and I planned this anniversary weekend in February as a complete surprise to Trey and Brad. (Oh, what is that? You want to present us with the Wives of the Year Award? We just couldn't accept... Oh, alright! Thank you!) We booked the Bed and Breakfast, reserved the Chef's Table, etc. We did it all without them having a clue! Sometime in mid-August we spilled the beans and filled them in on our little secret. We couldn't keep our mouths shut anymore! 

When we broke the news, we presented them with a description of what we would be doing. Weight lifted off of our shoulders, they were as excited as we were and for the next four months, our New Orleans weekend was the topic of most all of our conversations! 

The catch to the Chef's Table is that, as you can see, you have to reserve it a ridiculously amount of time in advance (Early Elsie over here has not one problem with that) and the reservation is for a maximum and a minimum of four people. No more. No less. 

We were given a personal chef for the night, our own waiter... Oh and did I mention Tom Benson strolled by, addressing the table and shaking hands? To which Marie replied, "Thank you. Who dat?" 

Was I scared of what the menu would be? Honestly, no. Okay, maybe a little. For the most part I kept an open mind and requested no one tell me what I was eating until AFTER it was in my tummy. The food was amazing, an understatement to say the least. It was just like I remembered for Marie and Trey's rehearsal dinner, a year ago to the date Dec. 2.    

When we arrived at the Bed and Breakfast, it was everything we could have hoped for and more! Ms. Linda and staff were top-notch. To read my full review, click here. Posting reviews on Trip Advisor, my new favorite procrastination outlet.

From our B&B to CURE (read review here) to Borgne (read review here) to a full-day strolling Magazine Street with pit-stops at The Bulldog and Reginelli's to Bouligny Tavern to Commander's and Stanley, it would be safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had one hell of an anniversary celebration; one we will never forget.

Posing in front of our B&B's sign before pre-dinner drinks at CURE!
Cheers to the beginning of one of the very best weekends ever!
Oyster shell columns TTT!
Terrell House Breakfast Day 1
I sure do love him a lot.
Amuse Bouche: Gorgonzola & Pumpkin Canape
Diver Scallop Carpaccio with Tomatoes & Citrus
Just how we drink our wine at the Chef's Table...
Shrimp & Tasso "Henican"
Couchon du Lait, Boudin and Blackened Foie Gras
Le Coup de Milieu - Saint 75
Cedar-Plank Roasted Quail with Choucroute
Intermezzo: Satsuma-Coconut Sorbet
Marie's beautiful purchase!
Best friends for more than 15 years!
Only our eighth time to cheers!
Black Angus Ribeye Steak with 5-Hour Coddled Egg
A Selection of Artisan Cheese
The "Dessert Bomb"
Our wonderful server and personal chef for the night!
How I knew what each course was. 
A signed menu we were presented at the end of the night! 
Can not wait to have this framed!

As you can imagine, we left stuffed. But it wasn't just our stomach's that were full. It was our hearts as well. Full of memories and laughs and moments that we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

After sleeping that meal off, Brad and I headed to Stanley for lunch before the big game. Of course, after Face Timing with Don and Laurie, I got homesick and instead of watching the game in New Orleans we hit the road for a half-gallon of eggnog daiquiris and headed to my parent's and Pam and Bubba. We lost the game but I wouldn't change any bit of the weekend (okay, except for the loss).  

Game day morning at Stanley.

Marie, Brad and I all bought Mardi Gras gear during our getaway weekend. You think we're ready for February? I don't know. You tell me. I've got Mardi Gras Mambo playing right now... Cheers!