Sunday, October 28, 2012

13.1 on 2.24.13

I did it. On Friday I registered Brad and I for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in February in New Orleans. Am I scared? Heck yes! In April I couldn't run a half-mile without stopping. I never thought I'd be able to run a mile, but I did. I never thought I'd be able to run a 5K, but I did. I never thought I'd be able to get through four miles without stopping, but I did. What I'm getting at is that I never thought I'd be able to do a half marathon, and although it's not down in the books yet, I'll be damned, if I'm not going to train and try my hardest! I'm also going to wear that medal for at least a week after the race. Okay, maybe two weeks.

See below, at the very, very bottom of the page, my handy dandy countdown to the big day. 118 days, as of today, to get my butt in gear and I am so excited! I'm excited because this is something I'm doing because I want to do it for me, to prove to myself that I can. Brad and I are doing it together, although he's going to smoke me. As long as I cross that finish line. Amy, one of my best friends is running in it as well and lastly,  THE only reason I've come this far is because of Versus Boot Camp and my unbelievably encouraging coach Jamie! She's the ya'll. No joke, and it looks like we'll have some Versus buddies running this race as well! Did someone say group Tee? 

My computer background created by the ever so talented Amy Martin. We plan on speaking in motivational quotes from now until February.

At the end of last week we ran one mile for time and six weeks ago that mile, on very hilly terrain may I add, took me 10 minutes and 58 seconds. On Friday morning it took nine minutes and 58 seconds. Brad, on the other hand, killed it at eight minutes and 17 seconds and yesterday we tackled six miles for the first time.

The past several weeks have been hectic, but what week isn't? Thursday night before my Aunt Johnette's Rodan and Fields party at our house, Amy called to ask me if I had bread, peanut butter and a banana (her and EC were coming to the party), in which my reply was, "No. We don't live here." 

With October wrapping up and the grand finale of the month being the Snyder-Rider wedding last night, I think it's safe to say that November is pretty much going to fly by like October has. Let's throw a 20-page research paper in the mix, in addition to other school work that I'm putting off at the moment, and December is looking PRETTY nice. Although I really am excited for each of the next upcoming weekends! Each one will be spent with some of the people we hold closest to us and that's what makes all the crazy worthwhile - the memories and the pictures that help us remember those memories ;). 

And this is some of what you've missed... 

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My best friend is so prepared.
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Friends since kindergarten.
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My core group. :)
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I've got some good looking parents.
She is so beautiful, isn't she?
A band + Brad & Marie = #dancingmachines
I do believe this was the longest blog post so far. Next time I won't go so long in between updates! With that being said, congratulations to Rose and Jason! The wedding was beautiful and the company was amazing (#herestooldfriendsandnewfriends)! I hadn't seen 4 a.m. in a LONG time. 


Half-marathon registration proof!