Tuesday, June 28, 2011

South on 49

Rarely will you find Brad and I in Hattiesburg on the weekends...

This year has proven to be the busiest we've had yet, and if we're not going here or there for a wedding, wedding shower or what not, we're more than likely headed south on 49.

Fence Post Friday

As we headed down to the coast the weekend of June 17 we knew we had a busy next couple of days. Not only was it Father's Day, we also had plans to meet Jacqueline and Reed, two very good friends of ours, for a (my choice) Gavin DeGraw concert.

Dinner at Half Shell Oyster House before the concert.

Reed and Jacqueline.
Jacqueline and I have been friends since the 7th grade and this year her and Reed are getting married in Disney World! After their November wedding we will share the same anniversary, 11.14. Can you say all inclusive anniversary trips together in the future?
I know I can.

My sister, Katelyn, and I before the concert.
She was lucky enough to meet him. I - not so much.

The concert was exactly what we had expected.
We will definitely be seeing Mr. DeGraw again.

My favorite way to spend the weekends. Home with my family by the pool. It doesn't get any better than this. Action shot of Brad and Dad throwing my cousin Owen. They only did this 15 times. If only every Sunday could be this great. Happy Father's Day 2011!

Friday, June 17, 2011

If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?

When I write more often then not I begin with the end, write the middle, and then finish with the opening. After which I send to my good friend Amy, who so kindly takes the time to review 99.9% of everything I put on paper. (I trust her opinion. Plus, I like her a lot.)

This will be different though. It's not technical. It's not going in a magazine. It's simple.

Back in February I took an annual beach trip with three of my best friends: Leah, Erin and Roz. We call ourselves the Fantastic Four and even though time has forced us to move out of Panhellenic kicking and screaming, we still make a conscious effort to get together two times a year, which is a whole 'nother blog post. Leah brought her new camera on the last trip and ever since I've been itching to get one myself. Sometime later, my dear friend Amy, the proofreader (she wears many hats in our friendship), got a similar camera. I couldn't wait any longer and after three months of wanting one really bad, I went out and got it.

After having my new purchase a little over a week, I began to think this just may be the perfect outlet to write a little and share some photos.
The first weekend I had my camera was a weekend full of birthdays.

Amy, my proofreader, to the left and I enjoying a little sake at our friend Ben's 29th birthday. I don't think we even like sake now that I think about it... Shortly after the birthday boy asked me if I worked for the Hattiesburg American.

Saturday, June 11 brought another birthday celebration. Brad, Mom and Maw Maw at Maw Maw Joan's 80th birthday.

My dad and I during the party. One of my favorite pictures of us.

As close to blood related as it gets. After Maw Maw Joan's 80th birthday celebration, A'lice, Leonie, Jami and I had a few celebratory cocktails. It had been so long since the four of us had been together. Such a special night!

This is so much more than just a picture of martini's. It's a friendship. (That's what I told A'lice, after drinking about five of these pictured.

Those are just a few photos from the first weekend I had my new camera. I definitely need a good photography class but until then, I'll point and shoot and hope the pictures come out decent.

... I bought my camera because I loved the ones my friends had, I'm starting to blog because I've seen so many of my friends blogging... If Leah, Amy and A'lice jumped off a bridge, would I? Maybe, maybe not. I'd like to think I wouldn't. I'm scared of heights.